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Grab buckets

Grab Bucket - Mechanical Rope Operated

The Mechanical Rope Operated Grab Bucket can be attached to any crane and can be used to for handling materials with fine particle size.

Grab Bucket - Mechanical Self-Dumping

The Mechanical Self Dumping Grab Bucket is a lifting attachment that is used to carry bulky stuff from one place to another.

Grab Bucket - Electro- hydraulic

The Electro Hydraulic Grab Bucket has a strong hold and grip and can be used with ‘single drum’ EOT, gantry and mobile cranes

Grab Bucket - Hydraulic clamshell Type for Excavators

The Hydraulic Clamshell Type For Excavators Grab Bucket is designed with two shells that is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. This Grab Bucket can be used for loading, digging or dredging purposes.

Grab Bucket – Remote Operated Opening

The Remote Operated Opening Grab Bucket is operated by a wireless remote control emitter. It has simple structure and can be used for loading and unloading bulk cargo.

Grab Bucket – Custom Designed Weed Removal

Grab Bucket for weed removal is designed to remove weed which not easily uprooted with normal tools. We provide powerful bucket with large area to remove the weeds easily in large quantity with speed

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