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Lifting attachments

Grab Buckets

Grab Bucket is a lifting attachment that is used to carry bulky stuff from one place to another

Orange Peel Grapple

Orange Peel Grapple can be attached to cranes with single drum and can be employed for loading and discharging of waste, mixed scrap and many such tasks.

C Hooks, Coil Lifters – Coil Tongs

The C Hooks are used to lift coils in controlled way with maintaining balance.

Billet Tongs & Slab Tong

The Slab Tongs are used for lifting of one or multiple slabs whereas Billet Tongs are utilized for handling of billets.


Stationary Boom Cranes

The Stationary Boom Crane has a long hydraulic arm and is used in constructions for moving of large objects. It can bear a load of 2800 lbs.

EOT Cranes & Spares

Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane or the EOT crane is an overhead type of crane that has a parallel runways with bridges attached to it.

Mobile Hydraulics

steel sector equipments

Patching Machine / Lining Vibrator

Lining Vibrator reduces manpower and gives efficiency with re-lining and ensures compactness.

Slide Gate Cylinders

It controls the flow of molten steel.

Hydraulic Cylinders

It includes large public works, dams, bridges, highways, water/wastewater and utility distribution. Industrial includes refineries, process chemical.


Scrap Poker is used to push the scrap into the furnace during melting operation. Scrap poker is column-mounted and controlled remotely through the control desk. Solenoid controlled hydraulic system is used for boom operation which helps with maximum working range.

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