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C Hook & Coil Tong

C Hooks

The C Hooks are used to lift coils in controlled way with maintaining balance.

Coil Tongs– Mechanical Dual Arm

The Mechanical Dual Arm Coil Tongs are ideal for steel service centers and can handle coils from width 500mm to 1500mm

Coil Tongs – Electro Mechanical

These Coil Tongs are operated via Electro-mechanical system. These are most sought after at hard workplaces as they are easy to operate.

Coil Tongs - Hydraulic Operated

The Coil Tongs that are operated hydraulic operated are used to lift coils in horizontal position.

Coil Tongs – Vertical Coil Tong

The Vertical Coil Tongs are used to lift coils in vertical position.

Coil Tilter

Coil Tilter is used to move coils from horizontal to vertical position.

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